C o n n e c t e d T o W a t e r

Steve Nesius

Terra Ceia Island, Florida, United States

Another beautiful day in paradise...

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Woke up to the sound of rain drops on a metal roof.

Got outta bed, made a cup of coffee. Looked at Sunday's forecast and weather radar. There's still a 30% chance of nice weather today. I went for a morning walk with my buddy, Jeff Franko, on a stroll down Highland Avenue and the historic Eau Gallie neighborhood. I'd like to say conditions will improve for today's outdoor art festival, but what the heck, you have to make do with what you have. For today, it looks like rain. Bring an umbrella.

We had a good deluge yesterday. We had to poke the awnings many times to empty pooling water. The streets never flooded. Thankfully, we stayed dry inside my tent. Had a few visitors hang out during the downpour, including my brother Doug, and his wife, Shirley. 

Almost time to head down to the tent and open up for the day. The metal roof is quiet. For now.