C o n n e c t e d T o W a t e r

Steve Nesius

Terra Ceia Island, Florida, United States

Break a Leg

Since we completed our last show of the spring season, the phrase "Break a Leg" has been on my mind.

According to Wikipedia: "Break a leg" is an idiom in theatre used to wish a performer "good luck". Well-wishers typically say "Break a leg" to actors and musicians before they go on stage to perform. The origin of the phrase remains obscure. The expression reflects a theatrical superstition, in which wishing a person "good luck" is considered bad luck. The expression is sometimes used outside the theatre, as superstitions and customs travel through other professions and then into common use. Among professional dancers, the traditional saying is not "break a leg", but "merde," the French word for "shit," alone or in combination with "break a leg". In Spanish the phrase is "mucha mierda," lots of shit.

I've never used the expression "Break a Leg" or had it conveyed in any way during my career as a photojournalist, nor as an artist before a weekend art festival. But since breaking my leg as we were packing up at the end of Food & Wine on Pine festival in Anna Maria, I've accepted the Spanish version and may occasionally use it until I'm free of my fracture boot and crutches.

We had a great season to start 2016. We entered 14 shows in Florida, earning two first place awards for photography, an Honorable Mention and was selected for judging at two others. We are excited to meet Annabel and Les Snyder, who invited us to show our work at their gallery, AL's Art Studio, in Anna Maria Island. 

We'll spend the summer finding new moments to photograph, searching for salvaged wood to build more frames, and tweaking our display for the Autumn season. Looking for the rest of the year to be as rewarding.

Until then "mucha buena mierda" to everyone.